John Marshall Youngman

First Name:  John Marshall 
DOB:  Circa 1888 
Age:  20 
Birth Town:  Maidstone 
Resided Town:  Bower Hill House, Maidstone (104 Tonbridge Road opposite St Michael’s Church, where the  Osteopathy building is now) 
Nationality:  British 
Date of Death:  23/6/1916 
Fate:  Killed in action 
Information:  John was the eldest son of John Henry and Adelaide Edith Youngman  of Bower Hill House, 104 Tonbridge Road, Maidstone. 10‘Before the  war he had been a student, boarding at Dover College.’  The St Michael’s Parish Magazine of September 1916 has a  photograph of Lt Youngman from the South Eastern Gazette.  This tells us about: ‘the late Lieut Youngman, who, it will be  remembered, a few months ago gallantly laid down his life in the act  of saving a number of his comrades. One of the Chaplains, who  knew him well, has since written as follows:- ‘His death has left a  great blank in the lives of many of us out here – I know it has in mine.  I am thankful to have known him. Quite unconsciously he taught us all  a lot. His life and passing bid us lift up our hearts for a life so brave,  so lovable and unaffected.’ Surely such a commendation as that  should act as an inspiration, an uplifting power, to all our other brave  young fellows, who have gone from this parish, prepared, if need be,  to surrender everything for the great and righteous cause.  Here is the photograph.  John lived at Bower Hill House, where the Osteopathy building is now.  John had a sister called Nancy, known as Nan and a brother Harold  who was a Doctor in Cambridge and had two children, Jilly and Julian.  John, Harold and Nancy’s father was a corn and cake merchant and had premises in Westborough.  Nancy later lived in Cambridge with her friend Betty Rae, whose son Lord Nick Rae wrote to Alex Turner:  “Yes, Nans family did live in Bower Hill House. Her father was a prominent corn merchant. In the 1930’s  She took us to visit. It was rather a gloomy place, but imposing. Her brother John was killed in the  1914-18 war. We don’t know any of the family except her other brother Harold, a doctor in Cambridge who  died about 25-30 years ago with 2 offspring, Jilly and Jon, roughly contemporaries of me and Julian.”  Nan lived in Cambridge and she was well known in the Art world in her lifetime – her friend Betty Rea was  a Sculpturess. Betty and Nan had links with a young Henry Moore. Nan Youngman was an Artist.  John’s mother gave a silver Altar breadbox and two silver mounted glass cruets to St Michael’s Church.  in memory of her son. 
Rank:  Lieutenant 
Gallantry Awards:  Military Cross Instituted on 28th December 1914 the Military Cross (M.C.) is the third level  military decoration awarded to Officers. This decoration was awarded to John  Marshall Youngman for an act or acts of exemplary gallantry during active  operations against the enemy. The Military Cross (M.C.) is awarded for gallantry during active operations  against the enemy. John Marshall Youngman, as an owner of the Military Cross, is entitled to use  the letters M.C. after his name. Citations for the M.C. were published in the  London Gazette during the Great War. 
Award Details:  M.C. His Majesty the KING has been graciously pleased to confer the Military Cross on the officer, in  recognition of his gallantry and devotion to duty in the field. For conspicuous gallantry. He volunteered  and took up a party with ammunition to the front line under heavy fire, and, on his arrival, helped to  restore the situation. He acted with great coolness and courage in the counter-attack whereby a portion  of the trench, which had been lost, was reoccupied. 
Gazette Info:  Gazette Issue 29602 
Gazette Date:  30/05/1916 
Gazette Page:  5411 
Campaign Medals:  Victory Medal
British War Medal
Memorial Death Plaque Of WWI 
Service:  British Army 
Regiment:  East Surrey Regiment 
Battalion:  9th Battalion 
Commemorated:  Britain on the Remembrance Board at the Parish Church of St Michael & All Angels, Maidstone
Dranoutre Military Cemetery, West-Vlaanderin, Belgium Grave Reference I. F. 13